35 Best Cyber Security & Hacker Quotes

35 Best Cyber Security & Hacker Quotes

Every year it becomes more important to protect ourselves from looming digital threats. We have compiled the 35 best cyber security and hacker quotes from industry leaders and advocates for your inspiration. Read, enjoy, and share your favorites!

“Amateurs hack systems; professionals hack people.” — Bruce Schneier

Cyber Security Quotes - Bruce Schneier

“Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.” — Stephane Nappo

Cyber Security Quotes - Stephane Nappo

“There are only two types of companies in the world: those that have been breached and know it and those that have been breached and don’t know it.” — Ted Schlein

Cyber Security Quotes - Ted Schlein

“Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time.” — Martina Navratilova

Cyber Security Quotes - Martina Navratilova

“To competently perform rectifying security service, two critical incident response elements are necessary: information and organization.” — Robert Davis

Cyber Security Quotes - Robert Davis

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” — Stephane Nappo

Cyber Security Quotes - Stephane Nappo

“We’re all going to have to change how we think about data protection.” — Elizabeth Denham

Cyber Security Quotes - Data Protection

“Should we fear hackers? Intention is at the heart of this discussion.” — Kevin Mitnick

Cyber Security Quotes - Fear Hackers

“If security were all that mattered, computers would never be turned on, let alone hooked into a network with literally millions of potential intruders.” — Dan Farmer

Cyber Security Quotes - Dan Farmer

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.” — Richard Clarke

Cyber Security Quotes - Richard Clarke

“Passwords are like underwear. Don’t let people see it, change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers.” — Chris Pirillo

Cyber Security Quotes - Passwords are like underwear

“Computer hackers do not need to know each other’s real names, or even live on the same continent, to steal millions in mere hours.” — Robert Mueller

Cyber Security Quotes - Robert Mueller

“One of the main cyber-risks is to think they don’t exist. The other is to try to treat all potential risks.” — Stephane Nappo

Cyber Security Quotes - Cyber Risks

“Privacy — like eating and breathing — is one of life’s basic requirements.” — Katherine Neville

Cyber Security Quotes - Privacy is Like Eating

“Hackers rarely have full knowledge of the technology stack of a target.” — John McAfee

Cyber Security Quotes - John McAfee

“As we’ve come to realize, the idea that security starts and ends with the purchase of a prepackaged firewall is simply misguided.” — Art Wittmann

Cyber Security Quotes - Firewall

“No technology that’s connected to the internet is unhackable.” — Abhijit Naskar

Cyber Security Quotes - Nothing is Unhackable

“Growth hackers are typically computer engineers that build great marketing ideas into the product during the development process.” — Ryan Holiday

Cyber Security Quotes - Growth Hacker

“A hacker is someone who uses a combination of high-tech cyber tools and social engineering to gain illicit access to someone else’s data.” — John McAfee

Cyber Security Quotes - Social Engineering

“Garbage can provide important details for hackers: names, telephone numbers, a company’s internal jargon.” — Kevin Mitnick

Cyber Security Quotes - Garbage and Hackers

“Hacking just means building something quickly or testing the boundaries of what can be done.” — Mark Zuckerberg

Cyber Security Quotes - Mark Zuckerberg

“The best defense against a nuke is not another nuke, but a code.” — Abhijit Naskar

Cyber Security Quotes - Nukes with Code

“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” — Ginni Rometty

Cyber Security Quotes - Cybercrime Threat

“Hacking involves a different way of looking at problems that no one’s thought of.” — Walter O’Brien

Cyber Security Quotes - Problems

“Security is always excessive until it’s not enough.” — Robbie Sinclair

Cyber Security Quotes - Excessive

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” — Jodi Rell

Cyber Security Quotes - Safety Goals

“If you give a hacker a new toy, the first thing he’ll do is take it apart to figure out how it works.” — Jamie Zawinski

Cyber Security Quotes - Giving Hackers Toys

“Virality is not an accident. It is engineered. And that’s why growth hackers beat traditional marketers.” — Ryan Holiday

Cyber Security Quotes - Virality

“The hacker community may be small, but it possesses the skills that are driving the global economies of the future.” — Heather Brooke

Cyber Security Quotes - Heather Brooke

“Privacy is not for the passive.” — Jeffrey Rosen

Cyber Security Quotes - Privacy Is Not Passive

“A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.” — Doug Linder

Cyber Security Quotes - A Good Programmer

“There’s no silver bullet with cybersecurity; a layered defense is the only viable option.” — James Scott

Cyber Security Quotes - No Silver Bullet

“Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn’t be the price we accept for just getting on the internet.” — Gary Kovacs

Cyber Security Quotes - Privacy is not an option

“A breach alone is not a disaster, but mishandling it is.” — Serene Davis

Cyber Security Quotes - Breaches

“Time is what determines security. With enough time, nothing is unhackable.” — Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

Cyber Security Quote - Time

Final Word

We chose these quotes because they came from cyber security and hacking legends like Bruce Scheier, Kevin Mitnick, and John McAfee. These specialists help us stay safe from cybercriminals, and we wanted to share their pro tips with entrepreneurs and IT professionals. Let’s keep sharing these experts’ knowledge to show our appreciation for all they do for the industry.