Why This Blog Exists

Phrases like “cyber security” or “web security” sound strangely scary. Although everyone wants their data and the data of their customers to be safe and protected, the average non-techie business owner can easily get overwhelmed by all of the complicated and confusing language surrounding web security.

We realized that there isn’t any information out there that can streamline the process or make the concept of web security more digestible. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

This blog is here to break down the barrier of entry and give you the information you need to stay informed and safe without weighing you down with confusing jargon.


Benefits of Web Security

In today’s web-based world, securing and protecting sensitive data is a necessity for any business. Build customer trust while keeping important information safe from exposure by learning the ins and outs of cyber security.

Improve Trust

Protect Data

Improve SEO

Avoid Warnings


Powered by top marketing and web development firm, Orpical Group, GOGET SECURE provides businesses with detailed insights on cyber, cloud, data, network, and web security.

We first got a taste of the importance of web security when Google first announced that it was making https as a ranking signal. Since then, we’ve invested 1000’s of hours in procedural development and research on best practices for online security to better serve our clients.

Lots of things have changed over the years. But one thing remains the same: we are constantly learning about best practices and technology that can help combat security threats. As such, we’ve relaunched GOGET SECURE as a resource to share what we learn along the way.

Web Security

Web Security

Web or Cyber Security is the sort of umbrella term for using processes, technology, and systems to protect digital data as well as digital systems on personal devices and programs from vulnerabilities and hackers.

Network Security

Network Security

Networks are generally a sort of closed-loop system. Network Security is the use of technology to protect a specific corporate network from unauthorized access by a third party.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

“The Cloud” is about as nebulous as it sounds, and protecting it is, understandably, a little complicated. Cloud security takes into account all of the variables and moving parts and protects applications, servers, and cloud-based infrastructure from internal and external threats.

Data Security

Data Security

Data Security is the term used to indicate protection specifically of data. It’s different from the all-encompassing concept of “web security” in that it focuses only on the data part rather than the entire scope of digital content.

Our Process

There’s a method to our madness, here. We start by identifying the “big ideas,” like the different categories of cyber security listed here. We then break those larger concepts into smaller, more niche subjects that exist under those umbrellas, like a particular issue (ethical hacking, social engineering, etc.)

To make sure we cover all of our bases for each of these issues, we take a methodical approach for each one.

Identify vulnerabilities and solutions in each major topic related to web security.

Research which topics are most important to cover using data sources based on search demand for popular solutions.

Aggregate existing content from credible sources.

Repurpose that material into all-inclusive content geared toward the average non-techie person, addressing all common questions to mitigate confusion. Don’t worry, we make sure we don’t sacrifice any vital information.

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